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Let’s face it, life is busy and complicated. We make it that way, by choice, doing the things we love to do, traveling, hanging out with friends and family. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the way it is. We’ve filled our free time, hopefully, with the things we enjoy.

My wife Tiffany (& co-blogger) and I (Jeremy) enjoy training for and competing in various races (running, cycling, triathlons), finding new and healthy foods to eat and saving money with clever tricks around the home. We also travel a lot to races, camping, & visits with family, which is especially important now that we have a little one. Simply put, we keep ourselves very busy and involved on multiple levels in many areas. We’re constantly fighting a battle between doing all the things we love and staying on top of the rest. That’s where the idea (and name) for this blog came from…the desire to not only be constantly vigilant in our quest to make life more simple, but also to share the knowledge we gain as we go about our lives. This is our outlet.

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