Staying Home: The Adventure Begins

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One of the hardest decisions Jeremy and I (Tiffany) have had to make since Cora’s birth is whether I should continuing to work outside of the home or stay at home with her.  This was a decision made even more difficult because my job was so much fun and rewarding. After months of working and discussion we finally made the decided that I would be a stay-at-home mom.  In January I turned in a resignation to my employer.  Then I worked 9 weeks to allow time to hire and train my replacement. Cora is now 12 months old (Her birthday this past Saturday!) and we are beginning a new chapter in parenthood with me being at home.  Having spent a few weeks at home now, I am excited for the new things that await our family.  It was nice to have days that aren’t rushed from beginning to end and to know that I will now have time to do the things I feel like I have been missing.  This blog is one of the things I want to pursue.  I like to research different topics (mostly centering around health & fitness categories) and now I plan to write up what I learn to share with all of you.  I hope you will enjoy reading.

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