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Every cyclist knows the energy sucking, mentally torturing power of a headwind. The last two nights I have ridden our local bike trail and fought a headwind on my return journey…oh, and i was pulling the bike trailer [read: parachute] with Cora.  Tonight, however, I should get some reprieve as it is group cycling night with our friends over at CycleWerks. At some point before we ride is the inevitable discussion as to the direction of the wind that evening. Our goal is to begin the ride into the wind, finishing with a tailwind that never disappoints to energize the last few miles. To that end, I went on a search for a website that forecasts not only the weather but also wind speed and direction. Enter USAirNet. It’s actually a site for aviators as weather information (including wind info) is very important to pilots…but also to cyclists. With a nice graph detailing wind speed over time and direction arrows, this site is perfect for determining the best starting direction for any ride. So next time you decide to go out for a ride, be sure to check this site for the most up to date wind direction/velocity info so you aren’t punishing yourself by fighting a headwind…unless you enjoy that sort of end to your workout. Click the image below for Toledo area weather…otherwise, goto

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