Doing a Triathlon? Here’s what you need (bare minimums)

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Tiff and I have been competing in triathlons on a significant basis for almost 3 years now (Tiff a bit longer), and we have gotten pretty good at gathering everything up, packing and getting off to races. If you’re like me, knowing what I absolutely have to have (bare minimum to toe the line on race day) is very important. Once that is in my mind I can rest in the assurance that as long as those things are there, I will race. The following list is mine, broken down by event, and I’ll grant that even this may be more than some people will need. Example: If your bike has regular pedals or pedals with traps, you won’t need cycling shoes.


  • Shorts
  • Jersey


  • Goggles


  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Cycling Shoes


  • Shoes

That’s it! Seriously, anything else you can think of is either not a necessity (sunglasses, wetsuits) or will be provided by the race (race #s, timing chips) This list is the bare minimum to show up and race. Other things like watches, wetsuits, sunglasses, water bottles are all just that…other things…They may be very important things, but are certainly not the kind of things that make you sit on the curb watching everyone else race, wishing you didn’t forget. Maybe Tiff and I will put together a more comprehensive list of the things we bring along to races someday, but for now…enjoy the simplicity of this list and get out there and race!

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