Venerable Vinegar

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Venerable or Commanding Respect is a good way to describe what is truly one of the most versatile liquids at our disposal…Vinegar. We all have some, in a cleaning cabinet or a pantry, laundry room or yes, even the shed. There are so many possible uses for vinegar it’s just about the closest thing to a super liquid. It can be made from almost anything that has natural sugars in it. Tiff’s most recently embarked on a pineapple vinegar adventure. What you do with pineapple vinegar is still a bit of a mystery, but isn’t it just cool to know you can make it?

Why Vinegar?

Acid. That’s right, vinegar’s main characteristic is that it is acidic…around 4-8%, and that’s what makes it so very good at so many things from cooking to cleaning, to various uses in medicine.

What is it?

Vinegar is created through the fermentation of ethanol, fruits, wine, coconut, rice and more.  Acetic acid is formed.  Most vinegar is sold in the diluted form of about 4%-8% acidity. You can actually make vinegars from anything you can make alcohol from (anything with sugar in it), though traditionally Wine vinegars are the most popular, which is where it gets the prefix for its name.


As previously mentioned, the benefits of using vinegar in your home are vast. In future posts you’ll begin to see the broad range of areas that this find liquid can be of service. In our house with an almost 1 year old child, though, there is one benefit that stands above the rest…We have been able to replace many of the harmful household chemicals with different types of vinegar.

Resources (just a couple to get you going)

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