Vinegar Use #1 – Fancy Sports Detergent Replacement

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Our goal with this website/blog is to give practical ways to simplify life. Sometimes that means making something yourself, or spending less money. To that end we want to not only show why vinegar is such a great liquid, but to give actual uses for it. This is the first of those uses.

I discovered this use for vinegar when I first heard about those fancy [read: expensive] laundry soaps that are supposed to completely wash out of your clothing, eliminating all soap residue.  The companies market their laundry detergent to athletic people saying it was important for keeping the breathable material of your running clothes free of soap build-up. As we all know, dry-fit clothing does work to “wick away sweat” as they say, but it does leave behind the odors that come with it.  I started to do a little research and discovered that vinegar can work in a very similar way, and is much cheaper than store bought sports specialty detergents

Add 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle in place of fabric softener. You will want to test this yourself a bit as washing machines work differently and it can leave a faint vinegar odor if your final rinse cycle uses less water than ours.

Side note: Front load washers are gaining the reputation for harboring mold in the detergent tray and other parts of the internal plumbing. The common fix for this is to run an entire cycle using only vinegar to clean everything out…Interesting huh…

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