DIY Social Sharing Buttons

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I’m still not entirely sure what drove me to do my own “Share This Post” buttons…whether it was frustration over what else is out there or a deep down desire to do as much as I can myself. Whatever the underlying rationale, the end result is that I built my very own set of sharing buttons, complete with rollovers and scripting to populate content/image fields.

These buttons are build as 55W by 49H. Each comes as a pair, where one is faded and pushed into the hole and the other is lit up and popped up. You don’t have to use them both they work fine as standalone buttons. There are 11 of them for now, though I may add more in the future. (click the image or here for the collection as a zip archive) Click the “more” link below the image to read about the markup/scripting I created to do the rollovers…

I’m not a *real* programmer, coder, hacker, scripter, the best definition of my development abilities would be “Masher”. Simply put, I am pretty decent at taking other people’s stuff and putting it all together in a way that is customized enough to suit my needs. For this particular mashup, I made use of somewhere near a dozen different sites. I found different pieces everywhere, so there really is no good way to direct you to them. Instead I am just giving away my code for your use and enjoyment. Feel free to copy, re-purpose, or change this in any way that suits you or any of your projects. You don’t need to be a programmer yourself to use it, though I would recommend having some experience with php, css and html (not much though, it’s pretty basic). Below is a screen shot of the script as it exists within the pages of this blog. (scroll down for downloadable text file (zip format)

Hope you enjoy! Click Here to download text file of scripting/markup

Hope you enjoy! Click Here to download text file of scripting/markup

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