Easy iPhone ringtones from a song

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If you’re like me, you like to customize your various electronic devices, especially when it includes avoiding extra costs…like ringtones. It is absolutely ridiculous that we all have vast music libraries on our computers and even on the phone itself, but it doesn’t allow for easy use of those as your ringer. Couple that with my somewhat recent new phone of choice…iPhone 4! (it is my first iPhone as well) So, here’s my solution to that problem…and it’s pretty easy if I do say so…

  1. pick the best 30 seconds in your song to use

    Open iTunes and select the song you want to convert (must be mp3)

  2. Listen to song and find the best 30 seconds to use…write down start and end times
  3. Control-Click the song and select Get Info (or select song and goto File>Get Info)
  4. Under the Options tab put checks next to the Start Time and Stop time, then enter your times from step 2, then click OK to close
  5. Select the song and got to the Advanced Menu and select Create AAC Version (you should see a new 30 second song within seconds)
  6. Drag that from iTunes to your desktop, then delete the 30 sec version from your iTunes and undo the Start/Stop time changes to the original song
  7. Change the file extension of the song from .m4a to .m4r (a msg box will ask you to confirm using m4r)
  8. Double click the file to add it back to your iTunes library as a ringtone
  9. Sync your iPhone to add the new ringtone

WARNING: don’t select a song you like too much or you’ll never actually answer the call for fear of cutting the song off…

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