Wasabi…Nope, just horseradish with green food coloring

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Wasabi is another in the long line of products that proclaim to be something very specific that just ARE NOT! Seriously, how can anybody think that is ok in any way to call something wasabi that is actually green colored horseradish? Why is this tolerated? Whatever happened to truth in advertising?

What is Wasabi?

Wasabi comes from the root of a plant that grows naturally next to rivers and streams, mainly in Japan. It is difficult to grow in large scale as it requires specific light and water tolerances to thrive. A member of the Brassicacae family of cruciferous plants, wasabi is closely related to cabbages, mustard and yes, horseradish.

Why is your Wasabi, not actually Wasabi?

Follow the $$$. As is the case for so many things these days, it’s all about the money. Producing good, high quality wasabi is more expensive than using a more readily available horseradish/mustard & coloring mixture, so that’s what they do. That all said, the issue is two fold:

Issue 1: Companies are advertising a product under false pretenses. If your selling a wasabi like product made from similar ingredients then just tell us that’s what you’re doing.

Issue 2: There doesn’t seem to be any good place to even get real wasabi. I have looked in multiple grocery stores and health stores without finding it.

There are not really any differences in the health benefits, no side effects or other weird problems with eating this wasabi substitute. It is just really upsetting that we are sold a product that pretends to be one thing that it isn’t.

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