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Recently, Jeremy took a trip with my cousin Josh, who he works for, to southern Missouri. They went to the Beyond Organic Ranch for Josh to be interviewed for a TV show (coming this fall on TBN), film some videos for their website, and learn about the products being developed.

What is Beyond Organic?

Founded by Jordan Rubin, author of The Maker’s Diet and Patient Heal Thyself, Beyond Organic is a company designed to make the absolute best products in the best way possible. Based in scripture, this company is raising some of the best beef and dairy cattle in the best environment. They are fed a 100% green diet, which means they eat green things like grass all year (not just 30% like the USDA organic grass fed beef requires). To achieve this diet, these cows have acres upon acres to graze on without having to ever be fed additionally.

The goal of Beyond Organic is to provide a way to get the best quality beef, raw cheeses, Amasai (a yogurt-like beverage), chocolate and water from a company that has firm Christian beliefs. The impression Jeremy came back with and express was that “they are doing things the way we all think in our minds that it should be done.”

Beyond Organic cows getting a drink

What are the Products?

  • Green-Fed Beef
    • The beef they are raising are some of the best treated, healthiest cows. The ranch is USDA Organic certified, but that sets a pretty low bar, so they’ve taken it many steps further by sticking to a 100% green diet
  • Raw Cheese
    • The cheese comes from cows treated the same as the beef cattle, but are specially selected. These cows are an A2 variety that contain high levels of things proven to slow cancers and even not be adverse to people with a lactose intolerance. This is the cool one, my cousin Josh has always had a lactose intolerance that would basically put him out for a few days with major digestive problems,  ate the cheese and drank the Amasai with absolutely no problems!
  • Amasai
    • You may have heard of this one before as called “Amasi” which is a traditional beverage in Africa. By definition it is a milk that has soured. Very similar to yogurt in texture and taste, it is a drinkable fermented milk product.
  • Spring Water(from northern Georgia, not Fiji or some other far away place)
    • This water comes from a ranch in northern Georgia, not the one Jeremy went to, where they found a spring that produces very clean water that they will simply bottle and sell.
  • Chocolate
    • The chocolates are going to have probiotic strains added. This means that the dark chocolate will be good for you because of the anti-oxidants as well as being good for your digestive system and immune system.
  • Flax Oil
    • Adding oils high in omega-3s are well known to be very healthy.
A very small part of the grazing area on the ranch

If nothing else, you should check out this company because you can learn a lot about how to eat healthy and see a company that is not only trying to produce the best products possible, but be based in scripture while doing it.

The Soft Sell

The way they are designing the company to sell these products is through word of mouth marketing. It is setup as a multi-level company like Arbonne, Shaklee and others. I completely understand that this automatically gives most people a reason to not get involved. There is a reason that multi-level (pyramid) companies have a bad name, because there are many really bad ones out there. Doing your own due diligence is key and deciding for yourself if you want to get involved is the only way.

If you are interested in learning more, getting involved or even eventually purchasing some of the food click here to sign up for the initial program. It is free until October to do this and will really only result in an email a week with a webinar or new video to see what’s happening. Click here for the page to learn more or sign up.

a hastily put together panorama of one small part of another part of the ranch

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