Cheap, Quick and Easy Coat Rack

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As I contemplate all the many projects vying for my attention in our new house, I can’t help thinking back to one of the first projects I ever attempted completely on my own in our first house. I spent an afternoon in the garage building this coat rack, and I must say, I’m really proud of how simple and easy it really is. I’m not much of a carpenter, so it’s probably not done right, but it works and I think it looks really nice too.

I can’t tell you much about the construction since I built it 9 years ago, but i do know that It’s a very simple, straightforward design, but completely build by me from a single board of pine.



Start by cutting the following lengths from the board. (24 inches, 4 inches, 18 inches)
Assemble according to the drawing below. The exact placement of the screws is not real important. Just make sure to countersink the screws by pre-drilling for the screw then predrilling just below the surface with a bit that’s just larger than the screw head and about 1/8″ deep to account for the button.

Once assembled, I took some chains and metal brushes and “distressed” it. I also had a router with a round-over bit, but you can simply sand all the edges so they’re slightly rounded.

Pick a stain you like and coat the entire rack with a rag. I used a honey maple stain (like this).

Once the coat rack is stained and dried fully, space out the hooks. From the left the first one is at 3 3/4″, then 9″ in the center and from the right 3 3/4″ for the far left one. Pre-drill by placing the hooks on the location and push a pencil or pen through the screw holes to mark.

To mount, you can simply find your location, drill for a stud and if there is none, use a wall anchor (like these).


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