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What do we know about raising chickens?


Then why did we buy a coop and take in 5 red comet hens (a mix of Rhode Island Red and Leghorn)?  Good question. We’re hoping the answer is that it’s fairly simple and we’ll learn all we need to along the way.

A kind friend ended up with some extra chickens that needed a home, and having just moved into our new home with lots of extra space, we figured the timing was perfect for us to add these little friends to our homestead. After we made the decision to get the chickens, we needed to figure out all the details.

The Coop

We found a coop being sold up in Elkton, KY for $75 that has 4 nesting boxes and enough room for 4-6 chickens. Perfect! We drove up there with our friend’s trailer and after just barely fitting it on, we were on our way home with a very solid chicken coop.

The Chickens

The day the chickens came, I was brewing beer outside with a friend and had invited others over for a cookout. We had purchased some bedding, a bale of hay and a heated watering fountain. The chickens settled into their new home and started eating and drinking right away.

After a few days, we started letting them out of the coop while we hung outside with the kids. Cora and Wyatt both love the chickens. We’ve been feeding them food scraps and the left over grains from my brew day (a Blue Moon clone, if you care).

So far, these little girls seem to be doing very well, and we’re patiently awaiting the day we see the first egg. If anybody has any tips for us, we’re open to hearing them as we still feel like beginners here.

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