Did You Know That Kids Love Popcorn?

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8045541337_ce165bf743_bNow that Wyatt is nearly two, he loves to eat.  He probably consumes twice as much as his older sister on a regular basis.  Jeremy also loves to snack at night.  Almost by accident we discovered that our kids love popcorn.  We decided to invest in a large bag of USDA organic popcorn seeds from Azure Standard .

We went this route for a few reasons:

Buying in bulk saves money.

Buying seeds instead of microwavable popcorn means not additives.

USDA Organic means that the popcorn is not genetically modified.  –  As you may know we don’t buy all of our foods organic, but in terms of common sense it just seems that eating foods that genetically modified foods that in essence give off their own pecticides like corn and soy, can’t be good for us.  Especially when it is easy to find corn and soy in almost everything.

The health benefits of popcorn:

  1. Contains antioxidants
  2. Contains polyphenols
  3. A good source of fiber
  4. Low calorie
  5. It’s a whole food

How we make our popcorn:

  • We have an air popper that I purchased for $1 at a yard sale.  Why do we use an air popper?  Because there is no oily mess.
  • Lightly coat it with an oil.  Our favorite right now is Udo’s Oil.
  • Sprinkle with sea salt.  Our favorite is Redmans Real Salt.
  • We also love to sprinkle on some garlic powder for flavor.

My favorite thing about popcorn is the price.  Even though we spent the extra money to go organic, a batch of popcorn for the whole family only costs $.27!   The oil, salt and garlic powder are extra, but they are always optional.

Other info on Popcorn:

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