A Home Office: A simple place to get things done

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officeWhen Tiff and I bought our first house, I setup a home office, which I barely used. Then after our house fire, I setup an office again in our spare room that got used even less. I always had aspirations of getting things done in a home office space but the combination of busyness and portable computers you could use while sitting on the couch, I just never seemed to use it. That compounded by the fact that my job was in an office, so I rarely felt like going from one desk all day to sitting at another one.

Now that we have our own house again and a job that allows me a certain amount of freedom to choose my workspace, I setup a workspace in the basement. Normally I plant myself in a booth at my favorite Clarksville coffee shop (Lasaters) on the days I’m not traveling to Franklin where my office is. I’m nonetheless excited to have a space I can retreat to during the days when I need to work, but don’t want to go anywhere. I’ve used it a couple of times and I must say that it is really nice.

About my office:

  • I selected the location because it is in the basement (with an entire wall of windows facing south to avoid direct sunlight)
  • The desk is one I had back in college. My brother offered it back to me since he wasn’t using it anymore.
  • The only things I keep on the desk (other that computers and such) are a Real Food Diet Cookbook for easy reference, a lamp I bought a long time ago at Ikea, a fully articulated wooden person and an old Dacora Digna 6×6 camera that I like looking at. Other than that, the room is pretty sparce. I may get some more things to decorate, but I’ve decided to only surround myself with things I enjoy seeing.
  • There’s really not much heating or cooling to speak of so it gets cold (now that it’s winter), but I like it that way…and it makes the hot coffee taste that much better.

Does anybody else have a home office that actually gets used? I’d be curious to hear about it and maybe see some pics if you want.


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