2 Easy Ways to Calibrate a Dial Thermometer

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We use our cooking thermometer on a regular basis for yogurt, home brewing, roasting meats etc.  At times I have wondered if it is accurate.  Have you?  Well, now you don’t have wonder it is super easy to calibrate a dial thermometer yourself!

(Written instructions are below the infographic with a photo of the process.)


home thermometer calibration
Hold the nut on the backside of the thermometer with a wrench or pliers and turn the dial untl it reads 32F

Written Steps for Calibrating your Dial Thermometer.

  1. Fill a glass with crushed ice water and water.  Let it sit a minute or two until the slurry is a consistent temperature throughout (32F/0C)  OR  Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil (212 F/ 100 C)
  2. Insert the thermometer a minimum of 2 inches for the type with the dial.  Keep the metal probe away from the bottom or sides.
  3. Allow time for to complete the temperature reading.  It should be 32 degrees.  If it’s within +/-2 degrees that’s close enough, you have an accurate thermometer!
  4. If you thermometer reading is off more than that, keep the probe in the slurry of ice and water and use a wrench to hold and turn the hex bolt below the dial until the temperature reading is correct.

TIP:  Calibrate your thermometer when it’s new, been dropped or just once a year.

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