DIY Pallet Bookshelves

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pallet-bookshelves-cover-imageChances are, you’ve already seen the idea for making bookshelves from a pallet here, here or here.  It’s one of those projects that seems super easy, cheap and fun to do, and it is. The hardest part of this project is finding a good pallet to use. These plans work for a pallet that has 6 boards on the top and 4 on the back. I’m sure you can figure out how to do other pallet types, but this is what we got.

1. Measure and make lines to cut the 2nd board (on the top) a little past halfway. Do this on the other side as well. Lastly make a line to cut the pallet directly in half. See photo below for cut locations.

1- pre-cut-pallet-bookshelves

2- cut-in-progress-pallet-bookshelves

3- cut-pallet-bookshelves

2. Measure the 2 spaces along the bottom of each shelf and cut some 2x4s to fit. I had to rip them down on my table saw to fit into the space, but you could easily use a 4″ wide board to cover the entire bottom instead. I just nailed mine in as best as i could to hold the in place.

3. Sand the shelves however much you think is necessary, but make sure to sand a little just to ensure the paint will stick well.

4. Paint the shelves. We picked white to match the kid’s bedroom where they were going when finished. One coat would probably be enough, but we did two just so the grease and other stains didn’t show through so much.

4- painting-pallet-bookshelves

5- painted-drying-pallet-bookshelves

5. Hang the Shelves. I chose to use a screw in wall anchor (pictured right, click to see them on Amazon) where there were no studs and a 2″ screw where there was one. The screw in wall anchors are really easy to use, you just mark your spot, tap the anchor in with a hammer and then screw it in till flush with the wall no drilling.

6- painted-hung-empty-pallet-bookshelves-3 6- painted-hung-empty-pallet-bookshelves-26- painted-hung-empty-pallet-bookshelves-1

9- finished-with-books-pallet-bookshelves-2

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