Save Money on Swim Diapers

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swimdiapersEven in the winter one of our family’s favorite evening activities is…POOL TIME! We are lucky to have a city pool that is covered with a dome for the colder months. We go every Friday that we can.

Having a little baby and a two year old means that we are still in the diaper phase, which makes going to the pool a little more tricky. You could buy a bunch of boxes of disposable swim diapers, but that gets expensive quick.

What to do?
The first way to save money would be to buy a reusable swim diaper. This is what I have done with my kids. You pay a little more money up front just like you would on cloth diapers, but you use it over and over and over.  Just launder it according to the manufacturers instructions. The bonus is that they come in cool speedos that make little boys look awesome.

Idisposableswimdiaperf a reusable diaper is not for you, and you prefer to use disposable swim diapers, there is another way you can save money.  Disposable swim diapers can be wash and reused multiple times!  One diaper could last your child months even with swimming on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Here’s how:

  • If diaper is just wet, turn inside out, rinse it really well, wring it out and hang dry (preferably in the sun).  After a few swims, toss it in the washing machine then hang dry.
  • If there is poo, you can pitch the diaper or dump poo in the toilet then toss in the washing machine.  After washing turn the diaper inside-out, wring it out and hang dry (preferably in the sun).

This tip was brought to our attention by my good friend Julie, thanks!

**A disposable swim diaper will last through about 3 washes.  Do not dry in the dryer.  If you only rinse and wash occasionally the same diaper could last for a couple months!



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