High Five Friday: Fresh Eggs Daily

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fresheggsdailyThere are just some sites that give you the right bits of information that just open your eyes in a new and exciting way. Fresh Eggs Daily is one of those sites. The facebook page is a little more personal it seems, posting about the things happening with their chickens and eggs. These posts are cool to see as we are experiencing some of the same things with our girls.

Decoupage Easter Eggs - Pysanky Knockoffs
Decoupage Easter Eggs

One especially timely post, as it is almost Easter, is a how to on decoupaging eggs using decorative paper napkins (see pictured right). Very well written and explained, this is an activity you and your kids will love.

Who is Fresh Eggs Daily?

From her website about page:

Fresh Eggs Daily® – Inspiring others to live a simple, wonderful, natural farm life… everyday. Because life is just better with chickens.

Fresh Eggs Daily® began as a chicken-themed Facebook page in January 2011 mainly as a place for backyard chicken keepers to share advice, photos and friendship. In two short years, the page has grown to almost 20,000 active fans and is one of the largest and best-regarded chicken pages on Facebook.

We highly recommend checking out the Fresh Eggs Daily website and their Facebook Page

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