5 reasons not to live / eat healthier

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5ReasonsIf you are ready to eat more healthy foods and even take pride in the things you put into your belly, that’s great! Many people want to do just that. Why then do so many of us either give up or never make the switch to begin with? I thought about it for a while and came up with these 5 reasons Not to Eat/Live Healthier. It’s not an exhaustive list and I’d love to hear your reasons or the ones you’ve heard from friends/family.

  1. It’s hard to know what’s right – It seems that there is new info coming out every day that says one thing is healthy and another isn’t. How are you to know, really what’s best. Everybody has their own opinion on what’s best and you have to arrive at your own conclusion.
  2. Society doesn’t want you to be healthy. Our culture has become one of instant gratification in many ways especially our food. We want it now, we want it cheap, we want it in large quantities, we want it sugary.
  3. Your friends/ family will think you are weird or anti-social (you become one of “those” people). Eating is one of the most social things we do, and when you decide not to just go with the flow and eat what everyone else eats, it creates tension or at least a little awkwardness.
  4. It takes more time. The healthiest option is rarely the easiest or most accessible one. Finding locally grown, chemical free veggies, meat and dairy can be a very time consuming process and even illegal in some states (eg. raw milk).
  5. There’s no going back. There are really two reasons for this.
    1. When you start eating more fresh, chemical free, naturally grown/raised foods, you will quickly find they are much tastier than most of the stuff you get in the stores (without having to pack it with corn syrup to make it taste better).
    2. You’ll begin to take pride in selecting and preparing your food, not just get full from that microwaveable burrito that doesn’t have so much a shelf life as it does a half life.

Obviously there are as many reasons not to start eating healthier as there are people to make them, so we’d love to hear some of the ones you have heard or even made yourself.

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