The 4 Most Hilarious (and Real) Workout Programs

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pic4homecomp3While the internet has made it possible for anybody to post any ridiculous thing they want, there are some amazingly hilarious fitness programs that were created way before youtube, netflix and hulu were even dreamt of.

We have assembled 4 of the most funny, ridiculous, and as far as we can tell REAL, workout videos/programs out there.

1. Prancercise

“We’re gonna really cut the noose, and let it loose, with the prancercise gallup” – from the video

This one has recently hit it big on the youtubes, and for good reason…it is amazing, hilarious, ridiculous and REAL. Not only is there a great video, but she has an ebook on amazon and a website where she explains the program in depth.

The website and ebook will walk you through her diet recommendations and even an offer for personalized wellness coaching.

“It’s better to be punching into space, than in your face.” – From the video


2. Christoga

click for amazon listing

There’s not much out there on Christoga (Christian Yoga), but what is out there is fantastic. Created by Janine Turner (website), this workout program takes traditional yoga moves and renames them with a Christian theme. As far as I can tell, this is a serious program and she seems truly proud of her work. I’m hard pressed to really make fun of this because it is so sincere, but it is also a very cheesy idea, surely born during the time when yoga was seen as very un-Christian.  Here is the description from the listing on Netflix (yes it’s on netflix…no streaming though)

“Actress Janine Turner joins forces with fitness expert Mary Cunningham to create a routine that combines hatha yoga and Christian meditation for a workout that exercises both body and soul. Using biblical Scripture, Turner and Cunningham give Christian names to traditional yoga poses. As you perform Christ Exalted, Mighty Disciple and Salvation Rotation, you’ll feel your spirit stretching along with your muscles.”

Here are some of the names of the poses in the video:

  • Angel Breath
  • Reverent Rotation
  • Holy Roller
  • Prophet Plank Low
  • Apostles Pose 1
  • Pious Pose
  • Moses Staff
  • Daniel’s Lion
  • Prodigal Son
  • Eye of the Needle
  • Angel’s Wings
  • Disciple’s Table
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Fisherman’s Boat
  • Reverent Worshiper
  • Downward Praying Pose
  • Son of God Salutations
  • Mighty Disciple 1
  • Holy Triangle
  • Christmas Star
  • Cathedral’s Chair
  • Christ Exalted
  • Jesus Christ

3. Dixie Carter’s Un-Workout

Clad in silk pajamas, Dixie Carter of Designing Women fame, demonstrates the roaring lion pose where she sticks out her tongue, rolls her eyes back and lets out an “AAAHHH”.

This is another must watch video, and if you’re interested in the whole program, guess what, it’s available on Amazon!

Entertainment Weekly has a good writeup about this fitness program

When Carter does ”The Lion” — a stretching exercise during which she sticks out her tongue, looks up, and makes a long, strange noise — it’s obvious that not even she is taking herself all that seriously.

4. The Marky Mark Workout – Form, Focus, Fitness

I can’t give any better description than the one from IMDB:

A shirtless, shiny and ultra-buffed Marky Mark (a.k.a. Mark Wahlberg) provides plenty of eye candy as well as useful muscle building techniques. The video covers stretching, machines, free weights and proper nutrition.

This is another absolutely real fitness program that for me, would be difficult to do without breaking out in laughter.  You’ve got to give it to Marky Mark for doing this fitness video and putting it out for the world to see.

Some of my favorite parts of this one are when he says things like

“we’ve got some fly honeys in the back so all the females know that the exercises are compatible to them”.


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