Quick & Easy Tick Removal

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tickremovalpostTicks are everywhere here in Tennessee, so much so that our Chickens can’t seem to keep up with them, though I’m sure they give it their best.  So if you live around us or in an area where ticks are living, it pays to know an easy and safe way to remove them.

If you’re not already convinced, we have a friend who recently made a trip to the ER to find out that he is now allergic to the meat of mammals because of a tick bite. (see this abc news report)

On with the removal procedure.

The main idea with the process is that you want to end up with a living tick that still has its “mouth” in tact. If you rip off its “mouth” or kill the tick it will basically vomit inside you and any parasites or bacteria come with it. With a living tick, your chances of that are much less.

Step 1 – Locate Tick

A simple visual inspection at the end of the day.

locateTickStep 2 – Take some dental floss and make a loose knot. Lay the knot around the tick area and gently tighten the knot making sure it tightens right where the tick meets your body. Once it is in the right position, tighten it down.


Step 3 – Gently pull on the floss/knot. Generally the tick will release if you just apply constant pressure for a little while.


Step 4 – Once you have a live tick on a string, it’s best to put it in a plastic bag with the date of removal on it. Put that bag in the freezer to preserve the tick. This is in case your health turns and you need to get the tick tested for the various parasites or bacterias.

tickshouldstillbealive-keepinbaginfreezerwithdateincaseThe tick in the photo is completely alive. Notice the knot tied around its “mouth” area.



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