Meat Chickens – The Beginning

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The quest to turn our little 6.5 acres into a mini-farm has taken another step forward this morning with the arrival of 52 day old White Broiler meat chickens. They arrived early this morning to the post office, who then notified us to come pick them up (there is no home delivery of poultry).

As Tiff went to pick them up, I began final preparations for their initial living area which were finished when Tiff got home to help staple on the chicken wire. Below is a photo of the brooding area we have setup for the chicks. The space is 4′ by 8′ with chicken wire all the way around the sides and an open top. It is currently blocked off to about 4′ by 5′ with cardboard until they get a little bigger. We put a tarp down on the garage floor and covered that with pine shavings.

Brooder-Pre-ChicksYou can see from the photo that there is a heat lamp on one side and on the other is a 1 gallon self waterer and a 1 gallon self feeder.

Our feed was purchased from the folks at the Jolly Barnyard (link) who use a NON-GMO feed.

The chicks are shipped in cardboard boxes divided into 4 sections with lots of small holes all over. They come 25 to a box. Below is a picture of one of the four sections.


chicks-in-shipping-boxesWe then proceeded to unload the chicks into the brooder area. See Wyatt helping.

wyatt-helpingChicks-in-brooderThere are 52 in all right now. The hatchery usually sends extra in case a few don’t make it through the mail.

We are excited to start on this new adventure of raising our own meat. Look for more posts as we work our way towards pastured non-GMO Chicken meat.


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