Growing Garlic – the planting part

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IMG_5314Garlic is quite possibly one of my favorite things. I love the flavor of in on almost anything and I even love eating it raw…yes I will pop a garlic clove and munch on it…

When we decided to grow some garlic last year, I had no idea what it entailed. I knew the cloves grew underground as a bulb, but that was where my knowledge ended. Once we did some research we found it to be a very simple process and a great way to utilize your garden space throughout the winter.

As with many things, I had intended to photograph everything starting with our planting in the fall of last year (2014) but alas, I forgot and we had to wait until now to document everything. This post will only cover the planting part and we’ll post again once we harvest next July.

Here’ Goes.

Step 1: Select and prepare your planting space. We picked a rectangular space inset from the fence because we’re planning to use the fence row for tomatoes next year. We made sure to till the area very well to make extra loose soil.

Step 2: Separate your garlic cloves, getting rid of any that have soft or damaged spots.


Step 3: Plant in straight lines about 4-6 inches apart. They only need to be a little below the surface, so you can probably just push it into the dirt. Cover lightly and do not pack the soil.


Step 4: We covered the entire area with straw to keep weeds down, hold some moisture, insulate the area and most importantly to us…identify the planting zone so you don’t step on it.


If you want to do it yourselves, there may still be time this fall to get them in the ground…the best part is, you can buy garlic bulbs on amazon and have them in 2 days (with Prime)… click here to see on option on


Last year, we didn’t really do anything to the area until it was ready to harvest in the summer, but more on that when it comes around…

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